It’s me, in the third person:

Jenamarie Boots was born in Oregon, but raised in Bolivia and Colombia: the daughter of a carnival worker who became a government agent and a cattle rancher who became a stay-at-home mom.

Jenamarie is both a textile artist and information professional. Archival work is particularly close to her heart.

Jenamarie believes that movement celebrates the universe’s fundamental tendency toward unpredictability. Her textiles, inspired by her material experiments and personal embrace of entropy, often consist of bold, colorful, and sculptural designs. Garments exist as emergent properties of the system Jenamarie imposes on herself through her design process. Final silhouettes and materials are the result of the interactions of smaller experiments and the confluence of these interactions. Only through constant play and tinkering can decisions ultimately present themselves. 

When Jenamarie is not being quite so markedly serious, you can find her trying to make the people in her life laugh, petting a cat, or looking at odd taxidermy creations on eBay. Sometimes you can find her doing all three. If you cannot, she is likely buried under a stack of fallen library books and struggling to lift herself up.